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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 16:20:13 EEST

G'day all,


Stephen Martin:
  >I am reminded of the write-up of Umathela which appeared in Breakout
  >34 some time ago, from which I quote (without even correcting the
  >spelling of "worshipers", I might add):

Hey, this is a legitimate *American* variant spelling (as my Clarisworks
spelling checker irritatingly insists, along with traveler, woolen etc.).

"Worshipers" and "worshiping" are used throughout the RQ3 GoG Cults Book,
but curiously not RQ2's Cults of Prax, which prefers the English model.
They're by the same authors, so maybe they had a different spell check

Breakout was (still is?) an Australian magazine, and while we usually
follow English spelling conventions, such is the cultural bombardment from
our 'big brother' across the Pacific that American spellings are generally
accepted too (though we will never submit to "mom"!). However Steve, if
you want to take your lexicogical Anglophilia to extremes I'll gladly call
you "Stepphen" from now on...

[Note: I'll be auctioning my copy of Breakout #34 at Gloranthacon in
Victoria. Apart from the Umathela article, it also features Stafford
on the Oceans of Glorantha, and "Down to the Scum Quarter" by Garth Nix,
the greatest and funniest MGF-style solo adventure I've ever read,
eg. "3 - Your fencing master would be proud - you feint, parry and
riposte like you knew Errol Flynn intimately when you were a young
boy - and tried to keep him at a distance".]

Priestly Elections

Stepphen again:
  >Just a whimsical thought. I do love the idea about electing the priests
  >and acolytes (or are the acolytes appointed by the winner, from his
  >fund-raising/campaigning staff?).

See my Notes from Nochet entry below!



>From the Notes from Nochet files
[XXIX. 21-015] "...the election of the high priest was progressing
smoothly, until the upstart candidate Felvor claimed divine endorsement
from Lhankor Mhy himself in a dream; he was informed coldly that the
gifts of the spirit could not be bought and that the vision was
indecently ambitious."

>A point I address in The Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Prax.
>Though, since the Eiritha spell for herd beasts results in females 9
>times out of 10, I have assumed that the human version does as well.

>Unless people think it should be reversed for some kind of cosmic balance


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