A little blasphemy

From: Nils Weinander (nilsw@ibm.net)
Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 15:48:59 EEST

I should be writing something else (of Gloranthan
content), but since I'm suffering from a mild writer's
block I'll idle some time away by presenting two blasphemous
pieces to the Digest.

First, this is the story told by the renegade monk
Andreon in a somewhat disreputable tavern in Sog City.
He would only tell it if he trusted the listener, and
if they bought him a drink or three. In the end he
trusted one listener too many. He was seen hauled off
by the inquisition for questioning and hasn't been heard
of since.

"We are all living a lie I tell you, all of us who
follow the word of the wizards. They tell you about
the world, how it was created and the poweres that
brought it to where it is today, but it's all a lie.

That all lived in bliss once long ago is true for sure.
Men were then ruled by those the wizards call false
gods. But there was nothing false about them. At least
no most of them.

One people was ruled by a godling called Malkion, a
son of storm and sea, Oh yes, I see you wince, but
your beloved prophet was a god, mark my words.

Then the gods found death and slew the first mortal
man, and each other too for that matter. Now these
people I just mentioned were so horrified by this
act that they said to themselves that the gods were
evil if they could treat men like that. So they
decided to renounce all gods.

Malkion was of course deeply troubled by this. A
small god without a people who worshipped him would
sink into insignificance. Thus he made up a plan.
He was still a god, so he had great powers over his
people. The next time he appeared before them he
no longer called himself Malkion the god, but
Malkion the prophet. And he used his magic to sway
peoples' minds so that they believed him.

Then he told about the Creator and how he is the
only god worth worshipping, because he is invisible
and takes no part in the life of men.

And so it was. The people decided to worship the
Invisible God after all, but all the power of that
worship still went to Malkion of course.

Since the other gods gave their people places to
go aftre they died, now that death was on the loose,
Malkion had to tell his people something. So he
made up this great thing called Solace. And people
believed it since those who died could no longer
be reached, their spirits out of reach for the
greatest shamans. Little did they know that this
was Malkion's great betrayal. Of course there is
nowhere the spirits of the dead can go, so he just
destroys them. That way they can't expose the lie.

The saints you ask? Well they are people who got
lots of power and finally saw through the lie.
Malkion found a way to use them. He invited them
to join him in the ruse. They inspire and help the
people and get worship in return. And they know
that if they betray the secret, Malkion will destroy
them like he destroys the spirits of the dead, for
they are just former humans after all, not gods.

And that's what Gbaji would have told if he hadn't
been framed as the incarnation of evil and destroyed."

Blasphemy 2:

It just occurred to me that Arachne Solara is really
a hitherto unknown aspect of Trickster. It is now
doing the ultimate practical joke: Gloranthan reality.

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