Democracy, Borist Heresy

Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 19:06:42 EEST

Claude Manzato:
<< I was wondering: is there some place in glorantha were democratic
 city-states are know to exist ? >>

    According to the Genertela book, some of the cities along the Janube
river valley chose their government by free election. Evidently these must be
small cities, since none of the ones specifically listed appear to be
democratic, although a case might be made for Zoria (not that I believe
this). Now, the Janubians are Westerners and Malkioni - who don't normally
have priests and acolytes as such to be elected, although adminsitrative
positions would be fine. But since many of the cities follow some form of the
Stygian Heresy, I don't see why such a cult structure couldn't be worked in.
At the very least the idea seems to provide for MGF.
    My guess is such a city would tend to incorporate some Orlanthi myths
into its particular heresy, since the Orlanthi have a tradition for

democracy. In fact, I'd add that some of the cities in Sartar and other
Orlanthi lands would have some form of democracy IMO, although this obviously
wouldn't extend to cult positions. Being a Westernised city on a big trade
route, perhaps Issaries would be the ruling cult - they might call him a
Saint, though.
    While we're on the subject of Westerners and their religion, I was
reading the Splintered Sects section of Loren Miller's web page recently and
noticed that the Borists don't get a write up, while at least one smaller
sect (the Galvosti) does. Since I gather the write-ups come from How The
West Was One, I imagine this is due to the perfectly good reason that there
weren't any Borist PCs in this game. Fair enough, but I'd like to plumb the
Digest's collective wisdom to fill in this gap in our knowledge.

     Personally, I imagine they're a bit like the Galvosti in their general
outlook re. class structure etc., but one thing I noticed was that all the
other sects seem to think they're a bunch of chaotics. I was under the
impression that the reason they allowed chaos to be tapped is precisely
because they don't like it, and hence think Malkion's anti-tapping
proscription doesn't apply. Is this just a case of the other sects
misunderstanding/propagandising against the Borists? Or a case of _me_
misunderstanding them? Or has their association with captured chaotic
thingies and frequent tapping of the same corrupted them with chaos?

     Oh, and where would they be found? Safelster, obviously, but any
particular cities? Or do they live as minorities among other groups, or even
in secret? If so, it might pose some interesting questions on class structure

if they believe it's rigid/open and the rulers of the city believe the
    Thoughts, anyone?
Forward, the glorious Red Army!


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