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Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 19:23:16 EEST

Hon Hoolbiktu
        The Jmijie wayfarers were definitely used by the rebels vs. the Six Legged
Empire. The Jmijie magic was not a new thing, but the use of these
tribeless waifs as warriors was certainly a surprise.

>me: The main problem is that when an eater of Neverstarve dies, about 48
hours >later a huge tentacled walktapus bursts out of his body and goes on
a rampage.

Ian Gorlick
>It seems to me that you can't walk around with bits of walktapus in your
>and have no risk to yourself, just to your neighbours after you die.
        Well of course not. But the fact that any gastrointestinal ailment could
possibly lead to horrible death is NOT a selling point for Neverstarve and
rarely brought up.
        In Neverstarve's favor, the fact that you don't need to eat any more means
that gastrointestinal ailments are slightly rarer. (Too bad about needing
to drink water.)
        You are also correct in that a Neverstarve devotee CANNOT eat very much
ever again, lest something terrible happen.

>I still can't accept the notion of walktapus flesh generating more flesh
out >of nothing. It causes too many problems with the world at large.
        And walktapus don't?

>Most people would probably find cave troll to be safer than walktapus.
        Cave troll doesn't regenerate once the creature is killed. It's not usable
in that manner. Even walktapus is hard to use in that manner -- it takes
time, magic, and talent to bake a Neverstarve.

Martin L.
>Anyone want to classify Sandy?

Stephen Martin
>RQ2 (if nowhere else) says that the Ducks were cursed to bear live young,
one >of the reasons they can't fly any more
        Yes, but that's dull and stupid and ought not to be accepted. Personal
conversations with Greg have so concurred in the past, for what it's worth.

>I also note that a very famous RQer from Greg's campaign, Redbird the
>Sage, was originally a D&D character, who underwent some major changes
>when he changed to RQ, but who retained his other-worldly origin.
        Yes, and he eventually found a way "back" to another plane. Tragically, it
didn't lead to D&D land, but to Stormbringer country. He misinterpreted the
legends he'd heard of great sorcerers & demons. Too bad.

>it is likely Yanoor was not actually an Emperor, though he was probably
the >Grand High Vizier of the Golden Dragon Throne, or something like that.
        I'll have to have a talk with that Greg character. He and I had conversed
on this at a recent England Gloranthacon and at that time believed that it
was probable that Yanoor was the eye-opened version of Shang-Hsa

> the Eiritha spell for herd beasts results in females 9 times out of 10, I
>have assumed that the human version does as well.
        Surely the Eiritha herd spell doesn't affect humans or morocanth.

Dave Bailey
>Inter-tribal fighting in Africa has a history of degenerating into
genocide so >why not Prax?
        Praxians are nomads and can run away from their would-be exterminators.
Africans are mostly agriculturalists blocked in by national borders and
what not, and cannot.

Sandy Tries the Big Lie Theory of Exonerating Himself
>You're not going to believe this, but I forgot all about Illumination

Steve Martin catches him
>>You're right Sandy -- since you classified two or three people above him
>>as illuminates, I doubt _any_ of us will believe you. But nice try. :)

>I note that I was not on your list in any place.

Stephen Martin: sophisticated God Forgot pedant

Paul Chapman
>How many important female Praxians have there been, really?
        The High Priestess of the Paps is always of central importance, and the
Eiritha women of many tribes (High Llama, frex) lead their clans at all
times _except_ for war. Since war makes it into history, while decades of
peaceful inactivity don't, there is a perception that the men are more
important. If not for female Praxian leaders, there wouldn't have _been_
any tribe for the men to lead into battle at a later date.

Stephen Martin
>Actually, my impression from Trollpak and related areas was that most of
>Dagori Inkarth _is_ a blasted wasteland, by human terms.
        Right. Only scrub, thorns, and scraggly brush. Hordes of cannibalistic
starving trollkin, monstrous troll hunters, etc.

James Frusetta
>Only large stupid herbivore I know anything about are moose, and they eat
        Yes, and so do the Praxians, but they _prefer_ young willows and
marshplants. They thrive better in those locales. Moose wouldn't do too
well on the Great Plains -- that's Bison territory. Neither moose nor bison
are that great in disturbed broadleaf forests -- which is deer territory.
These are extreme cases, but they show the principle.

>I sez raiding trolls are lightweights, magically (while strong on defense).
        They're only lightweight by comparison to their females. A group of
raiding trolls has magic just as strong as a gang of Orlanthi, Praxians, or
Lunars. It's just that the magic of their home base is so much more
powerful that the raiders pale by comparison.


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