comments on David Hall's Pavis report

Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 19:59:32 EEST

Hy All,

David Hall wrote:
For me the Peoples of Pavis freeform was the highlight of the convention.=

Me (Daniel): Wow, Thanks! I'll pass that on to the others. For me the
highlight, well, nevermind.

David wrote:
My favourite bits were:
- - - Organising Sor-eel's surprise birthday party (a surprise for all since =
I made the whole thing up), complete with dancing girls, sacrificial white
sable, a spicy fish and squash banquet, and a song especially composed for
him by Kenth Eriksson. Unfortunately, Nick hijacked the party to sacrifice
the sable before the song could be heard by all the party-goers. I'm glad
we made up for this when Kenth sang it at the post-game briefing.

Daniel: The Birthday was a surprise to me too. It was great how many of the
players came up with their own ideas when the goals we'd written weren't
enough. I got to step in to play the white sable. That was particularly fun
for me, altho it was only long enough to be sacrificed and resurrected,
bleeting all the while.
Bor-Eel (David) had been growing squash (among other things) on the roof of
the Governor's palace so I see that there was enough squash for the banquet,
but I think they needed the fish for "something else". The song was truly
memorable. Maybe we can get a recording of it for those who weren't there to
hear the tune. That could be put on a tape with Nick's songs to be
distributed at cons.

I am actually rather surprised that no one took the opportunity to use the
party to try and assassinate Sor-eel!

I'm surprised there weren't more assassinations! The death count was only
five permanent deaths! Maybe someone did try to assassinate Sor-Eel, but he
had too many Scimitars of Yanafal Tarnils around him.

my brother,... Sor-eel... I'll admit it was tempting to think that I might have
 replaced him as governor...

Daniel: I was wondering why you were all planting Hazia on one another.

Congratulations should go to Rick Meints as GimGim, an evil and utterly
corrupt man who had us all fooled all the way,

Daniel: I, as ref wasn't sure he was behind SO MUCH dirty dealing.
I have to hand it to Rick for making the most out of an unfinished character.

David: and to the girl (Tanja Woronowicz, with Latex Leggings!)
 who played the ogre/Lunar judge - for almost exactly the same reasons!

Daniel: She accounted for three of the five permanent deaths. The first was
Constable Jorjar (Johan Lindholm) who's successful romance with her ended
"Basic Instinct" style. The second was his best friend Jotoran (Jussi
Hyvoenen) who she, as judge, went into the jail he'd been locked in allegedly
to interogate him. He was rather defenseless manacled to the wall. Did she
also have him arrested in the first place?
It's also a strange coincidence that Jussi and Johan played Jotoran and
Jorjar. We didn't plan that, it just came out that way, and that they were
the first two victims of the same person. Nils Weinander, who played
Plusious, the assistant to Hetaera Thessen (Tanja the Ogre), had thought that
the "maneater murderer" might be her but decided she wasn't because it would be
too silly of us refs to have planned that the investigator on the case be the
criminal's own assistant. Too bad he didn't realize how silly we are.

Another strange coincidence is that both of the artists Dan Barker and Simon
Bray (also both "B"s) were cast as Sable Riders without it having been
planned that way.

More (or less) later. Daniel


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