Re: Kralorea: A product of God Learners Ltd.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 31 May 1997 - 23:14:45 EEST

Nils Weiander protests the idea of the New Dragon Ring making stuff up:
> I want my Glorantha to have grandeur and sense of wonder and a mythic
> feel. It has more of those if Kralorela in fact does have an unbroken
> history since the golden age [...]

While V'S'Greene defends it, after a fashion:
> It depends on just _how_ the God Learners "made it all up". If they
> did it in such a way that the created past became actual _reality_ it could
> be rather interesting.

I'm not sure which of you seems the more angst-ridden about this.
If it's not in dispute what the myths/history recorded by modern
Kralori say about the matter, and HeroQuest tells them the same thing,
then what does it matter what the "actual [created] past" is, and
how could anyone ever tell, anyway?

For myself, I find it hard to get worked about issues of the "grandeur"
or "look and feel" of Glorantha when the subject in question is one

that makes no actual difference to Glorantha like wot she is (however
_that_ is).



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