The south as the land of trouble

Date: Fri 30 May 1997 - 23:55:29 EEST

Howdy all,

I thought I'd rally to my fellow SFCers (how's that for an newly coined
word?) defense. Pam Carlson was commenting on the Dara Happan mythic
fear of the south to give the Lunars a better reason for engaging in
military activity in Kerofinela than the tripe "Red Goddess hate
Orlanth" nonesense. Bully for her.

Since the occupation of Dara Happa by Heortlings at the opening of the
Second Age and the domination/occupation of much of Dara Happa by the
EWF in the late Second Age, there have been two other major troubles in
the south:

First, was the Dragonkill. Boy was that big and bad and it gave the
south a VERY bad reputation.

Second, was the rise of the Kingdom of Tarsh following the Falling Hills
Battle of 1362. Regardless of whether the Emperor got killed at that
battle - following it, the Orlanth king of Tarsh dominated Holay and
Balazar. In the late 1300s, king Ovartien even plundered cities in
Sylilia. Yarandros, with the aid of Prazian mercenaries, defeated
Pentan warriors of Sheng, and raided "far and wide across the empire."
It wasn't until the 1450s (while Tarsh was in the throws of civil war)
that the Empire finally managed to launch significant counter-reprisals
into Tarsh.

For everyone going to the Victoria Glorantha-Con in July, I have (with
the aid of David Cake, Pam Carlson, and David Dunham) come up with a
number of truly astounding discoveries about the end of the First Age
that will be presented during the Storytelling Contest. I hope all the
Orlanthi are ready for this. . . (evil snicker). Oh yes, that and
several magificient LARPS, including the SFC's own Fall of the House of



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