Camanian Humakt?

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Date: Tue 03 Jun 1997 - 12:22:50 EEST

David Dunham wrote:
> > Yanafals almost certainly did not worship 'Humakt'. But he
> > almost certainly worshipped a Carmanian god that a Manirian (or Provincial
> > Yanafali) would recognise as being a lot like Humakt, and that a God
> > Learner would almost certainly think was the same guy.
> Heck, in our world Herodotus said the Scythians worshipped Ares, and
> Herodotus is hardly a God Learner kind of guy. Since Humakt is *THE* god of
> death (as everybody knows), it's inconceivable there's another one, so of
> course the weird Carmanian version is the same god.

Well, just to add fuel to the fire, a while back Neil Robinson and I
were wondering about Carmanian Humakti at one point and we wondered
if the Carmanian war god (whatever his name really is) might have a
light aspect and a dark aspect.

The light aspect is an honourable soldiers god, offering Morale,
Truesword, etc and the dark aspect is a cruel killers god offering
Berzerk, Crush, etc. with an tendency towards committing atrocities.

So the Carmanian war god combines both aspects of war but the
worshippers can only invoke/manifest one aspect at a time and they
generally only invoke the dark aspect when really pressed.

I seem to remember that the Carmanian manifested the dark aspects of
their gods in their battle against the Red Godess at the Four Arrows
of Light battle and were beaten as the dark aspect is vulnerable to
light magics.

Pelorian and Manirians who see this god in his light aspect think
they worship Humakt. Pelorians and Manirians who see this god in his
dark aspect usually don't live to recount it but certainly don't
think it is the same god and the same worshippers.

But then that's dualists for you.

This might fit in with Loren's idea for encouraging Carmanian
'contrariness' in terms of similar dualistic behaviour.

(Of course, in the interests of safety, Neil might want to quickly
disown this idea and say it was all my fault, so as to avoid getting
scorched by any fallout :-)


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