Don't kill dem Elves!

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Sun 01 Jun 1997 - 05:36:34 EEST

After going to great lengths to promote killing any elf who comes near a
troll strongland, it struck me that there _is_ at least one viable case
where trolls tolerate elves, and vice versa: the Vale of Flowers. The Bee
Tribe allows the Elves to tend the flowers; the Elves allow the trolls "to
occasionally visit the giant flowers without molestation." The "marking of

trees" (or flowers) ritual would work nicely here, though I have no idea
why anyone would want a giant daisy. Perhaps when Gonn Orta goes courting?

Such toleration is only because of mutual _need_ however. So applying it
to the Troll Woods (despite my apparent preference for pogrom) begs the
question of what the trolls do for the elves -- the Bee tribe offers both
protection and pollen, natch. Do the Kitori have a Bee tribe of their own?

Steve Martin Sez:
>>Actually, my impression from Trollpak and related areas was that most of
> >Dagori Inkarth _is_ a blasted wasteland, by human terms.
Sandy Sez:
> Right. Only scrub, thorns, and scraggly brush. Hordes of cannibalistic
> starving trollkin, monstrous troll hunters, etc.

Well, the Spoorwood and Vale of Flowers have both survived. As has enough
vegitation to raise beetles, to provide enough for hunting, etc. So I
stand by the "not eaten down to the bedrock" statement.


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