Re: Citing sources

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 01 Jun 1997 - 14:13:00 EEST

>>As a general favor to all us newbies:
>>Would it be too much to ask for Gloranthan Scholars to CITE the sources
>>refered to as contradicting this or that? Just initials even? I'm making
>>every effort to amass a lore library, (not to mention my world lore
>>skill) this would make the task seem (marginally)less daunting.

>Carolyn -- You better be careful -- when I suggested this a few months
>ago, I got flamed by a number of people, who accused me of trying to
>change "their" Digest.

>A little more seriously, I agree with you completely, and I second your
>call. It is helpful not just to you "newbies" (who are doing quite well
>all around, I assure you), but also to those of us who are ardent
>Gloranthophiles, but haven't been on the Digest forever. Or to those
>people who have been around a long time, just not as long as some others,
>and so don't have the same access to older materials.

Even though my time currently is somewhat limited (I'm just slowly catching
up with about 40 digests) I'd like to repeat my announcement that anyone who
has a specific Glorantha lore question he or she wants answered with source
references and some info on the contents can e-mail me privately. A couple
of years ago I started to collect an encyclopedia for Glorantha, and while
it doesn't make much progress right now, I'm still happy to put all that
effort (thanks again to the people who helped me starting up) to some use.


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