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From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 01 Jun 1997 - 14:13:00 EEST

Claude Manzato

>I was wondering: is there some place in glorantha were democratic
>city-states are know to exist ? Something like classic Athens (now before
>someone write it, I know that in Athens the definition of the free people
>allowed to vote was quite restrictive).

My guess would be the Wenelian Newcoast, with Handra the prominent and known
example. Possibly already the Dawn Age city states of Slontos were
democratic to some degree, even though they became a Grand Duchy under the
God Learners. But even then, the Hanseatic League cities were about as
plutocratically democratic as the Greek city-states, and that during the
height of feudalism. Cities like Luebeck acknowledged the emperor (usually
far away in Italy to reinstate his claims to the Roman Empire), but denied
any other mundane power over themselves, and even cities like Cologne, seat
of an archbishop and presumed to be his capital of his mundane realm,
maintained their democratic/plutocratic city councils and countermanded his
claims for sovereignty over their decisions if they felt the need.

>In the RW, those society where based on the need for a manpower base,
>military in nature. But I was dreaming of a cult where initiates are to vote
>to elect the acolytes and the priests. Complete with annual election during
>the HHD, propaganda campaigns, several parties (I mean subcults) and maybe
>different runespells depending on the majority.

Would have to be a city god of sorts. There might be a city or two like this
in Ralios (which even sports the People's Republic of Wexten, somewhere
unspecified in Safelster), Wenelian Newcoast is mostly undescribed yet, as
are the port of Dosakayo in Teshnos, the entire Island of Melib, the few
cities of Garsting and Jarst which were shown on maps of the Arcos Valley,
and the cities of the Maslo coast. Maybe a port or two in Umathela, though I
doubt it, and possibly an exceptional oddball city in Fonrit - like Jokotu
the City of Freedom. Oh, and exemplary communities within the Lunar Empire
or Loskalm might...

>Maybe some god learners experience left over.


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