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Date: Sun 01 Jun 1997 - 18:58:16 EEST

>From: James Frusetta <>
>Subject: Don't kill dem Elves!
>After going to great lengths to promote killing any elf who comes near a
>troll strongland, it struck me that there _is_ at least one viable case
>where trolls tolerate elves, and vice versa: the Vale of Flowers. The Bee
>Tribe allows the Elves to tend the flowers; the Elves allow the trolls "to
>occasionally visit the giant flowers without molestation."
>Such toleration is only because of mutual _need_ however. So applying it
>to the Troll Woods (despite my apparent preference for pogrom) begs the
>question of what the trolls do for the elves -- the Bee tribe offers both
>protection and pollen, natch. Do the Kitori have a Bee tribe of their own?

according to Gorakiki subcults as offered on an excellent webpage I
unfortunately can't credit just now, (insert malign computer rune reference
here) they do, as in my game.

I still think you're missing the point, that Ernalda is the mother/wife
cult of the Kitori <humans & Uz of the Troll Wood> and the fems arn't going
to be interested in some pogrom obsessed warriors telling them what to do,
or who to hang out with, and Aldrya is an associated cult of Ernalda. The
elf strongholds you'de like to burn're suggesting that Trolls
make military strike on an associate temple of their own Mother Cult.
You'll be attacking Elf Aldrya cultists,and Troll & Human, Ernalda, Aranea,
& Babeestor Gor cultists of your OWN tribe. When there is a nasty Chaos
wood within handy smashing range as well...What sensible Troll would choose
to accompany you on this mission against the local seat of femmy fertility?
What could a troll possibly hope to gain? Assuming that he'd survive (and I
don't) he'd stand not a snowball's chance in hell of ever gaining feminine
approval/getting laid by fems again within the Kitori. If I were a Kitori
and some cousin of mine suggested attacking our mother's forest shrine,
I'de kill him myself so that the people wouldn't think my bloodline was
tainted with chaos.

>Steve Martin Sez:
>>>Actually, my impression from Trollpak and related areas was that most of
>> >Dagori Inkarth _is_ a blasted wasteland, by human terms.
>Sandy Sez:
>> Right. Only scrub, thorns, and scraggly brush. Hordes of cannibalistic
>> starving trollkin, monstrous troll hunters, etc.
>Well, the Spoorwood and Vale of Flowers have both survived. As has enough
>vegitation to raise beetles, to provide enough for hunting, etc. So I
>stand by the "not eaten down to the bedrock" statement.

Then you have answered your own question about mutual need. Elves & trolls
both need the woods to live. The woods are more verdant because of elf
contribution to ecology. It's in everyone's best interest to just avoid
each other, which is easy enough to do, especially if you do what "mom"
says, you'll stay out of each other's way, and out of trouble. Or you could
attack the largest Babeestor Gor <read fem version of ZZ> stronghold/temple
in the troll woods, and with some luck you'll be able to convince a few
more broken loonys to accompany you, so that the Babs don't have to bicker
& squable over which of them get to chop you to tiny bits...

- -Carolyn


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