Giant Flowers

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Date: Sun 01 Jun 1997 - 22:10:05 EEST (Maria & Michael)
 Uz bee riders where?

Me (slightly out of context):
>>Still, troll bee riders are a likely complement
>>to them as well, though I'd wonder where they keep the giant flowers.

>Vale of Flowers? It's next to Sporewood where the 'shrooms suffer from
>giantism, so it wouldn't be inconceivable.

I know where the Vale of Flowers is. What I was asking, is where would
the trolls _of the Troll Woods_ get Giant Flowers for _their_ bees.
Although it is not impossible for the bees to go all the way from
Heortland to the Vale of Flowers, I think it unlikely in the current age,
given all the people in the Pass. Though it would have worked _extremely_
well during the Inhuman Occupation. Still, I think there are currently no
Bee Riding trolls in the Troll Woods -- doesn't seem to fit their magical
ecology, what little I know of it.

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