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>Nils Weiander protests the idea of the New Dragon Ring making stuff up:
>For myself, I find it hard to get worked about issues of the "grandeur"
>or "look and feel" of Glorantha when the subject in question is one
>that makes no actual difference to Glorantha like wot she is (however
>_that_ is).

Well, it ruins _my_ sense of wonder. Why is that so
damn hard to understand and/or accept?


> Given the facts that 1) Kralorelans state they were not draconic at
> first,
> 2) The dragon hsunchen people _were_ around at some point in th=
> pre-Time era, but are not in the Third Age
> and 3) The Path of Imminent Mastery is so obviously
> dragon-hsunchen based as to barely need stating,

OTOH The Path of Immanent Mastery was definitely created
by the FDR

> Yes, this seems exactly correct. In fact, I would state that the
> formation of the Kralori Empire actually occurred _when_ Daruda, the
> First Dragon Emperor, took the local human tribe of declining solarists
> under his, er, wing. "Emperors" before that were actually the Divine
> Emperor gods worshiped by the Kralori humans.

Aether and Yelm, sure. Metsyla probably. Shavaya is a
border-line case IMO.
> I would suggest that the "fact" that "Aether" and "Yelm" were the first
> two Emperors is a God Learnerism, and that the names of these Celestial
> beings were different before the FDR came in and changed the records --

Of course they have different names in Kralorelan.
In fact, the recorded emperor names (Daruda, Godunya,
Yanoor etc.) are GL misunderstandings of the real
Kralorelan names according to Greg at the RQCon 2
lore auction.

> why do you think Shang-hsa (MHNBC) burned all the books?

I think he tried to change the Kralorelan way.
In what way? Don=E4t know, but my guess is that
he was changing afterlife in order to become
immortal and not have to die to take care of
the other dead Kralorelans.

>After all we have another Emperor mentioned in Wyrms Footprints (Thang

>We do? I don't recall seeing this before -- can you pinpoint the page an=
>article for me, as it has been a sort of hobby of mine to try to figure
>out whether there are any gaps in the list of Emperors --=20

Page 33, illustration sidebar text, I'd say this
Thang Chow is rather apocryphal.

>was Vayobi,
>Whose Name Tingles the Tongue, Emperor at the Dawn, or were there
>Emperors after him?

I think Shang Hsa/Yanoor was emperor at the dawn.
The one I'm having problems with the placement of
is Vashanti.

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