Praxian Heroes, shagging, RW HeroQuesting

From: Paul Chapman (
Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 04:39:41 EEST

A short note before I sleep:-

OK, Sandy was right that there are loads of peacetime Praxian heroes that
are women, I was suffering from the curse of generalisation. I haven't yet
developed the enviable talent of expressing myself properly via e-mail!
However, I was really talking about war-heroes (and why there was no reason
to assume Gerek Kag, a war hero of the Uz, was female), and my point thus
holds, and was confirmed by Sandy and others.

Joerg on Shag-ing:-
>> Once Gerak Kag had captured part of Pavis, THEN the females followed up,
>>to take over his possession, cast their spell to seal off the city, and
>>have him serve them. Maybe he even got to have sex with some of them.
>Certainly. Geras Shag is the proof.

"Geras Shag"? Was this name a joke (like Nochet and others)? LOL!

More on RW HeroQuesting:- Although no culture I'm aware of has
Godlearnered it in this way, HeroQuesting (as in, "the action of
interacting _directly_ with mythical figures on a real and personal level")
 is present and desirable in almost every religion on Earth in one form or
another, including an Orlanthi "all" of the major monotheistic religions
(Christianity, Judaism and Islam included - this statement is not intended
to offend anyone :-)). Of course, it is described and the "rituals" for it
are different between the cultures, but the process is there, it really is.
        This is a topic of personal interest to me, anyone who is dubious or
similarly interested should contact me via my usual e-mail address, shown

Does anyone know anything about Yinkin's bloodline before I start writing
it myself?



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