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V.S Greene responded to my Smart Arrow flippancy:
> What a neat idea, actually. Picture a special, incredibly rare weapons
> plant whose fruit is a self-guiding arrow. Maybe they'd only be useful
> against a specific type of enemy. Figure that it would always hit its target,
> maybe even if it is out of sight.

What a _horrible_ idea! The possible game-rape this provides horrifies my
trollish soul. Having stockpiles of these things flying through trollish
caverns, air ducts, etc. -- ew. Any other Gulf War weapons that could be
handed over to the Aldyrami? Feul-air explosives? F-16s? Scuds? The Red
Moon Mind Control Lasers? ;)

Even worse, it means the glorius Troll Air Force can't continue its
overflight scouting missions of Elf Woods -- too vulnerable to Elven
SAArrow attacks. Curses!

On a more serious note, Sureshot already gives an effect pretty close to
this -- I'd think the elves pick up their Smart Arrows (shudder) from
Golden Bow rather than as a specially planted item.

Hmm. Time for Grubfarm Military Complex to start up research on the Sgt.
Badass Anti-Arrow system as a countermeasure.

Carolyn wrote on the Kitori:
> according to Gorakiki subcults as offered on an excellent webpage I
> unfortunately can't credit just now, (insert malign computer rune reference
> here) they do, as in my game.
Whoops! As Stephen Martin points out, there may not be the right ecosystem
for bees. My mistake. Termites might work. Please post the website
address when you can -- always looking for good bug ideas. :)

> I still think you're missing the point, that Ernalda is the mother/wife
> cult of the Kitori <humans & Uz of the Troll Wood>
There's not exactly tons of info on the Kitori, so mst of the stuff I'm
aware of is in Trollpak and RQA#4 (which explicitly says it's focusing on
the Whitehall Kitori, so the Woods Kitori might be different). And _to my
knowledge_ (I could well be wrong), the mother/wife cult is Kyger Litor,
with the father/husband cult Orlanth. I actually don't see any reference
to Ernalda in the published stuff (not that that means the Kitori
don't worship Ernalda, but that it's hard to get a point you've never
heard of before -- the published stuff is different from what you've
expanded on).

Argan Argar is listed in RQA as an "official state religion," so Ernalda
is going to be important as a former bride of AA. But IMO, Kyger Litor is
always the mother/wife cult of trolls -- if she's not, then they're not
trolls (in the mythic sense). If Ernalda is the mother/wife and AA the
father/husband, then IMO they're not trolls. <Shrug> Oh, racially they're
trolls now, but over time they'd lose their tie to the Darkness rune. (You
might really hate this idea, but I think it's justified. The state of the
troll race is directly related to Kyger Litor -- when she sorrows for
Korasting, the uzuz decline. When Korasting gets opened up from crotch to
throat, the enlo arrive. From this, it seems logical that if trolls stop
worshipping KL, they gradually stop being trolls, because KL's not
providing the "troll stuff" the uz need to be uz.)

AA is not a troll -- he's not descended from Kyger Litor, Mother of
Trolls. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I don't think he can
provide the link between Darkness and Man that KL does (and depending on
which contradictory myth you prefer, he never lived in the Underworld, so
his ties to Darkness are a little different, too). Ernalda is _really_ not
a troll. So how the heck do they manage to keep their link to Kyger Litor?
Keep her as a secondary deity subservient to an Earth Goddess? Ew. What a
sorry-butt bunch of demi-trolls the Kitori are (from the Dakori Inkarth
POV). :) The idea of replacing KL with Ernalda would be more then enough
to earn the Kitori their reputation for weirdness (that, and sleeping with
Humans. C'mon, we _all_ know about it. ;) Even the idea of KL taking a
husband (she doesn't have one in troll myth, after all) would seem kind of
weird. Share power? With a _male_?!

Yah, this begs the question of what KL provides the Human Kitori. Also
suggests that Karrg isn't worshipped (so KL has no runelord among the
Kitori) since Orlanth is taking over the protector role. Don't know how
you've resolved this for your Kitori.

You may well completely disagree with this, and your Kitori may be very
different, natch, worshipping Ernalda to their heart's content. Which
would explain why your Kitori are letting Troll Public Enemy and Menu Item
#1 run around, unmolested; while the Kitori I'd envision would have
merrily roasting them over spits centuries ago. <Shrug> I think we'll have
to agree to disagree.

> and the fems arn't going
> to be interested in some pogrom obsessed warriors telling them what to do,
> or who to hang out with, and Aldrya is an associated cult of Ernalda.
So? Storm Bull is an associated cult of Orlanth and of ZZ. Never stopped
the Zorak Zorani from thumping on Orlanthi. Inter-cult fighting occurs.
Trolls whack trolls, despite the fact that they worship the same gods.
Orlanthi kill each other. Lunars love to assassinate lunars.

Heck, just look at the Tarkalorsaga in _King of Sartar_ (pg. 174) where
the Kurtali clan of Orlanthi worshippers gleefully slaughter the Kitori.
And IMO, Ernalda worshipers have fought Aldryami _lots_ of times. Elf
forests used to cover vast tracts of land, land now held by Human
agriculturalists; the Ernalda worshippers must have given tacit support to
the roll-back. Gloranthans are just as good as RW humans in rationalizing
struggle against co-religionists when it's to their benefit.


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