re: the smart arrow

Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 05:15:58 EEST

Paul Chapman wrote:

>The Arrow was created by Flamal during the Greater Darkness as a tool
><snip> >they typically only produce a new arrow once
>every dozen or so seasons... the arrow is the fruit, and if you want to
>plant it to create a new Arrow plant, you can't fire it, so production is
>really slow

  Smart Arrow is a great idea. The myth is also a good start. This builds
on what has already been written about elf technology in Elder Secrets:
        ..."can grow almost any type of plant. They have plants which
        produce spearheads, arrow-shafts, clothing. . ."
  With missile weapons being their primary form of warfare, I'm not sure it
makes sense that they grow slowly. Accelerate growth ages a plant 1 year
in fifteen minutes, and is reuseable to Elf-Gardeners.

Arthur Reyes


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