Jannisaries (sorta)

From: Gary R Switzer (gswitzer@loop.com)
Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 10:44:50 EEST

Way back in Digest 437, Peter Metcalfe said:

<Considering there is a Jann in Fonrit, I'll leave people to decide on what
the state>
<merchants of the Afadjann are called...>

The dictionary says that the Jann are demons of the lowest order in Islamic
mythology, so maybe the Lunars aren't the only people with Tax Demons.
Personally, I think the state merchants would be called Jannitors,
particularly if they are cleaning up. :)

Gary R. Switzer--Aero Hobbies

Oh, and for those who care, Curtis is still a God Learner and remains
unburnt. :)


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