Yinkin's Bloodline

From: Maria & Michael (michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se)
Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 11:47:37 EEST

>Does anyone know anything about Yinkin's bloodline before I start writing
>it myself?

(Trying hard to remember) ...Kero Fin and Fralar? (Goes to check it up)
Yep. At least it says so in KoS p63. I have no idea about Fralar's
ancestry, but Kero Fin grew from Larnste and Gata.

I seem to recall a mythchen about the Soul Arranger walking about the world
planting mountain seeds; rested in Dragon Pass to talk with the Dragon and
planted no seeds except his favourite seed, and that that seed grew up to
be Kero Fin. Anybody know where it's from?

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