Neverstarve Biccies

From: Simon D. Hibbs (
Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 12:34:17 EEST

Ian Gorlick :

>I still can't accept the notion of walktapus flesh generating more flesh
>out of nothing. It causes too many problems with the world at large.

But in my opinion, insisting on a law of conservation of energy/matter in
Glorantha is completely untennable. Spells such as Regrow Limb and Heal
already convert magical energy directly into flesh bone and blood (Heal

can restore hit points lost due to bleeding, for example). Not that I am
saying these are the same thing at all, but just because you can't see why
something is happening it does not mean there is not a reason for it (or
even an unreason *smile*).

Also, Walktapi are extremely chaotic. Chaos is of it's very nature capable
of the impossible, sometimes draining away magic and matter from the
universe never to be seen again and at other times spewing forth foulness
from out of the void.

>Consider walktapus or any other chunk of regenerating meat. Most people
>would probably find cave troll to be safer than walktapus.

Except that cave trolls stop regenerating when they die. Perhaps Walktapi
don't have souls, only spirits (IMHO), so it works differently for them.

>This sort of thing would mean that starvation would be unknown in

Except that Walktapi are not that common, the techniques are only known by
a few, are a carefully guarded military secret and all you need to do is
screw up once and your in DEEP trouble.

>I hope these suggestions are useful to you in your Glorantha.
>Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to introduce Neverstarve into
>my Glorantha.

Ok, how about healing blood loss, or sorecerous enhance SIZ spells? Once
you start over-analyzing magic (and chaos) you can either accept it's
ineffable nature, or junk the whole game.

Also IMHO of course, your Glorantha may vary.



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