Ducks, eggs and teeth

From: Peter Nordstrand (
Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 19:49:21 EEST

Chris Bell writes:
>Are Duck Young born live, or born in
>eggs? do they REALLY have teeth, so as to chomp those cigars? What is
>Duck societal structure, child-rearing practices, etc? (A potential
>player brought this up because he may be playing a duck PC. He was
>thinking about playing a female Duck who had just 'laid an egg' but was
>travelling and on am important quest. PC's would take turns keeping the
>egg warm, and protecting it when combat breaks out!)

Personally I would settle for the MGF-variant. Adventurers encountering,
say, the hungry trollkin-horde from Troll Realms while trying to protect a
huge fragile duck-egg a sounds like a lot of fun. As for teeth I imagine
ducks without teeth would have trouble consuming many kinds of food. This
could cause complications for the duck in question, which can lead to
entertaining role-playing situations. Didn't RQ-Adventures have a duck
issue, by the way?

/Peter Nordstrand


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