Elmal or Yelm resurrected?

From: Maria & Michael (michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se)
Date: Tue 03 Jun 1997 - 01:02:10 EEST

PETER answers me
>>Speaking of the Lightbringers, am i alone in believing that the LBQ (from
>>an orlanthing POV) aimed not to get Yelm back, but to awaken/resurrect
>>Ernalda from her sleep/death and to free Elmal from the commands of Uncle
>>Yelm that held Elmal from leaving the Underworld?
>It's rather difficult to say. The Orlanthi at the Dawn believed
>that the Sun they rescued was Elmal.

Oops, sloppy wording on my side. Take 2:

Am i alone in believing that the LBQ *as the myth is understood and told by
orlanthings around Dragon Pass today* aims to resurrect Elmal, not Yelm (in
addition to Ernalda)?

BTW, with 'orlanthing' i want to designate not only initiates of Orlanth,
but also everyone raised in a culture where Orlanth is the ruling god.

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