BLack-and-yellow striped flying insect mounts

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 03 Jun 1997 - 00:08:00 EEST

>James Frusetta <>
>>* Use Gorakiki-bee mercs to attack the tree-top elves from above. (I'm
>> not sure what the Gorakiki situation is like in Kitoria, so I might
>> have to bring in DakInk or ShaPlat outsiders).

Stephen Martin
>Well, there are human bee-riders in the Holy Country, per King of Sartar,

Sure that these aren't the Wasp Riders well known from the DP boardgame but
unmentioned in KoS?

>though Greg indicated once to me that they were probably in Caladraland
>and/or southern Esrolia. Still, troll bee riders are a likely complement
>to them as well, though I'd wonder where they keep the giant flowers.

And what would keep the Wasp Riders from harrassing them? Giant Wasps aren't
reliant on giant flowers...

>That goes for the Caladraland bee riders too, of course.

Caladraland does have the climate for bromeliads and other real world giant


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