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Peter Metcalfe (the archest of my Seven Archenemies)
>The fact that the Basmoli dwell in "cities" means diddley-squat (such
>hidden information from the Book of Kings BTW can be found in the
>Genertela Book) with respect to the rest of their technology or level
>of culture (to wit iron armour and sorcery).

The source you mentioned states nothing about iron armour on either side,
and mentions sorcery for both. In fact, the famous sorcerers in this
conflict all are Pendali...

>For all we know, their

Exclude me from that we if you make this assumption.

>level of sophistication would be no better than the Rathori or the
>Shan Shan Hsunchen. IMO the Basmoli empire was based on the conquest
>of sedentary peoples and so they lived off the latter's labour.

As I understand Greg's intentions for the Dawn Age and earlier, this usually
is not the case. At least I got rebuffed when I suggested a similar theory
for the Vingkotling entry into Genertela.

The Pendali are an indigenous culture whose founder - a son of Basmol -
married the daughter of Seshna Likita, and their children founded the
Basmoli kingdoms.

>We know the Pralori similarly 'oppressed' the people of Wenelia at the

You mean the Mraloti hsunchen there?

>Given Joerg's assertion that the Seshnehi aeons of experience had
>as little meaning, one wonders why the Basmoli felt compelled to
>give them land in return for military service!

Out of pity, I suppose.

>back on the Motherland, the Brithini who are even more outmoded
>than the Dawn Malkioni, have successfully managed to repulse
>at least two invasions.

Much later, unless you call the retreat of the glaciers towards the Dawn as
a successful repulsion of an invasion.

>>Seshnegi supply of iron armour was likely worse than that of the Basmoli -
>>or Pendali, as this certain branch of Basmoli called themselves - since the
>>Pendali had been living close to the Iron Mountains a lot longer than King
>>Froalar's people.

>Why should the Basmoli be wearing armour? The True Basmoli needs
>aught but his skin IMHO.

The Pendali did wear armour. QED.

What you call "True Basmoli" was what the exile people became after being
pushed out of Tanisor as well.

I do admit that I have no idea how this relates to the Basmoli of Prax, or
how and when they arrived there.

>>The Six-Legged Empire was doomed as long as it relied solely on its
>>mounted forces to win their battles, since horses get sick on the
>>plains of Jolar quickly.

>Um, then how _did_ the six-legged empire manage to conquer the
>plains in the first place?

With a ready supply of yet undiseased horses.

>According to the Jolar writeup,
>their steeds failed which implies that they must have been
>effective initially.

Yes. Initially, and as long as they could replace the horses.

Martin Laurie:
>>The only societies in Genertela that don't produce large Empires are the
>>monotheists (the GLs don't count given their heresy from true Malkionism,
>>nor does the Dark Empire) because there is no unifying magical philosophy
>>that is larger to the people than the daily lives they lead.

>I dispute this. During the First Age the True Hrestol Way after
>they outlawed the cult of the Serpent Kings founded the Silver
>Empire. This 'once reached all the way up to Safelster, included
>the Fronelan Coastline, and planted colonies in Jrustela'
>Genertela Book 1 p 18. It fragmented after one of its leaders
>lead an invasion of Brithos and was crushed. Gerlant Flamesword
>was leading a small successor state to the Silver Empire.

Lemmesee. The True Hrestol Way got to power about 150 to 200 ST. The Brithos
invasion occurred less than 200 years after the civil war in Seshnela had
subsided. The Seshnela visited by Arkat around 400 was torn in civil war
between lots of minor kingdoms, Gerlant's being the most prominent.

The Dari confederation had conquered Tanisor around 265, and held even parts
of Seshnela until his assassination in 307. In 350 it was resurrected.

This suggests that the great unified Silver Empire lasted (in Ralios, at
least) for about 60 years. Sounds very much like the conquests of one
powerful king, only to be lost by his son when he tried for Brithos.


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