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Nils Weinander <>
Kralorelans again

>OTOH The Path of Immanent Mastery was definitely created
>by the FDR

I beg to differ -- I don't recall the source (Joerg, where's your
index?), but one published source states that the God Learners took the
obscure PoIM and expanded it into a larger, more important organization.

>>>After all we have another Emperor mentioned in Wyrms Footprints (Thang

>>We do? I don't recall seeing this before -- can you pinpoint the page
>>article for me, as it has been a sort of hobby of mine to try to figure
>>out whether there are any gaps in the list of Emperors --

>Page 33, illustration sidebar text, I'd say this
>Thang Chow is rather apocryphal.

Quite apocryphal, since it was not in the original Wyrms Footnotes
article by any means, and is nowhere else in print. IOW, it may have been

made up by the RMM folks, though that doesn't mean it isn't official --
it is in print in an official publication. Hey, maybe Thang Chow is the
FDR Emperor, since the consensus seems to be that Shang-hsa (MHNBC) was

Yinkin is the son of Kero Fin (and so a half-brother of Orlanth and, IMO,
Inora) and "Fralar, Father of Carnivores", this latter bit being a
blatant God Learnerism. Elsewhere, Fralar is once said to be the father
of tigers (since Tiger Hsunchen are described as Fralari).

In other words, he is a meat-eating cat, which lives primarily in the

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