God Learners in Closing Kethaela

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Tue 03 Jun 1997 - 20:14:00 EEST

Steve Martin
>>We don't know that the Zistorites were the _only_ God Learners in
>>Kethaela. We have only one story about them, in King of Sartar --
>>Genertela implies a much stronger presence than this.

Peter M.
>Stronger presence? The Zistorites *conquered* Esrolia. Esrolia
>wasn't liberated until Zistor was defeated. The Genertela Book
>gives no God Learner activity in the Kethealan region after 886
>ST. Ergo after Zistor's defeat, I think the possibility of any
>God Learner remaining within Esrolia trying to solve the riddle
>of the Closing is rather slim.

No burning of the Great Library in Nochet was ever mentioned. The cult of
Caladra and Aurelion was formed around the time of the Closing. And the cult
of Issaries remained strong even after Slontos was sunk. None of these will
ever admit to have been God Learners, but hey, that's the proof, as I
recently showed.

IMO there will have been quite a few God Learners among those who stormed
the Clanking City. The later God Learners were about as unified as 1613's
Sartar High Council...


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