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Date: Wed 04 Jun 1997 - 00:17:34 EEST

>> Well, it ruins _my_ sense of wonder. Why is that so
>> damn hard to understand and/or accept?
> Well, I can easily _accept_ it, in the sense that the evidence of my
> own eyes persuades me to accept the fact that some people like lime
> green crop-tops. But I'm not likely to be able to understand _why_
> it's the case without some sort of motivating explanation. Otherwise,
> it's an argument I find as persuasive as "MGF" or "philosophically
> repellent". (To wit, not at all.)

To each his own. I don't recall claiming any rationality
for my feeling on the subject. Neither am I trying to be
"persuasive". I stated an opinion as mine, I didn't try
to enforce it on anyone else.
> One could make almost exactly the same sort of argument about Dara
> Happan "history", for example. Ought we to refrain from discussions
> of what a mendacious miscreant Plentonious was ( -- allegedly) in
> case it punctures anyone's sensawunda?

When have I ever said that Kralorelan history shouldn't
be discussed? I said _I_ didn't like the "FDR made it
all up" version as a part of a discussion. As said
above, the reasons for my position may not be the most
rational, but at least they are part of something slightly
more productive than patronizing remarks about the
(un)tenability of said reasons, completely devoid of
substantial addition to the discussion. No?

Stephen Martin:
>>OTOH The Path of Immanent Mastery was definitely created
>>by the FDR
>I beg to differ -- I don't recall the source (Joerg, where's your
>index?), but one published source states that the God Learners took the
>obscure PoIM and expanded it into a larger, more important organization.

You are perfectly right, incorrect recollectionon my part.
But this made me think again about the PoIM. I have a
theory why the orthodox Kralorelans look on it with disdain:
the emperor moves on when his soul has completed its
transformation into a dragon soul, right? I think this
holistic thing, where the soul has to transform as well
is the key. The Immanent Masters transform only the body,
and so miss out on the entire concept.

>Hey, maybe Thang Chow is the
>FDR Emperor, since the consensus seems to be that Shang-hsa (MHNBC) was

Good idea. And it's a lot easier to refer to him by a
name than as "the FDR emperor".

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