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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Wed 04 Jun 1997 - 04:22:56 EEST

David Cake:

> Lodril used to be the ruler, and Pamalt is now. How did the
>changeover occur? It was obviously not too nasty, as Lodril is a loyal part
>of Pamalts Necklace.
Most Doraddi would simply that the only clever idea that Lodril ever
had was to accept Pamalt as his chietfian.

> Vangono and Lodril both are gods of inner heat (Vangono breathes
>fire) and both have a burning spear motif. Are they directly related?
>Perhaps Vangono is Lodrils son?

The Doraddi chieftain says as much when he describes Lodril in
'The Chieftain speaks - learning the rightpath' in GoG: "His
children include Gustbran and Vangono". BTW inner heat? Drop
the Entekosiadisms, Lodril is the God of Fire.

>Also, perhaps they differ in that Vangonos
>fire is magic and only harms the wicked, while Lodrils is material, and
>burns anything.

Vangono, being the God of War, hurts anybody who gets in his way.
I imagine his fire is no exception.

Michael Cule:

>I've had players who try to roll their Peaceful Cut (which must be under
>their Butchery skill or is it their Ceremony skill... Neither of which are
>very high) and fail.

>They then turn to me and say: "I've failed. Am I allowed to eat the meat?"

Sure. Slaughter an animal in the back yard and most of us would
make a hash of the job - yet the meat is still edible.

Joerg Baumgartner:

[tries to prove God Learners were in Esrolia after the defeat
of the Zistorites]

>No burning of the Great Library in Nochet was ever mentioned.

Neither was the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria
ever reported. In addition ToTRM#4 lists numerous disasters
that have affected the library.

>The cult of Caladra and Aurelion was formed around the time of the

No it wasn't. How do you think they managed to unify the cults
of Aurelion in Jrustela with that of Caladraland when there
was a Closing in effect? Note that the 'founders' are reportedly
distressed by the warnings of Valastos with Seven Pens and the
effects of the Goddess Switch, both of which occurred in the
century prior to the Closing.

>And the cult of Issaries remained strong even after Slontos was sunk.

They were virtually wiped out after the Closing shattered their
empire-wide cartel. This is by no means a sign of strength in
anyone's lexicon.

>IMO there will have been quite a few God Learners among those who stormed
>the Clanking City. The later God Learners were about as unified as 1613's
>Sartar High Council...

I doubt it. Many of the Elder Races and their backer would have been
quite hostile to the presence of God Learners in their forces.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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