Smart Arrows; Goat Transfer (Maaaah)

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Wed 04 Jun 1997 - 06:40:04 EEST

*** Paul Chapman writes:
>Sureshot - I don't view this as a lock-on effect, and I don't see it
>going arround corners. It ignores camouflage, not cover. You just for a
>while have a very magical weapon that moves your arms, etc for you and
>controls the shooting - hence no experience check.
The spell is written very badly, IMO. If you target someone, fire, and the
target ducks behind cover, do you hit them ("hits...despite movement")?
How can you target a "concealed" target?

I agree with your assessment of the power of elf archery -- as long as you
play them right, elves are extremely powerful. Little can beat an elf army
on its home ground.

Oh, advantage of sureshot -- I think Arrowtrance is generally superior,
but if you positively absolutely need to put an arrow in a troll, that's
what Sureshot is for. Probably a big nasty poison arrow, natch, with tons
of battle magic.

*** Peter Metcalfe confuses me:

>>Though I actually _do_ like the idea of tossing trollkin in the way of
>>missile fire. A fine trollish martial arts skill, IMO, similar to
>>arrow catching/deflecting and suitable for wizened troll sensei.
>Not really. Why do the Uz play Trollball? Drop kick is all they need.
What? You've never heard of the dread and horrible Blue Moon Ninjuz?

In all seriousness, I think an uz martial art would be logical enough for
the Blue Moonies. Probably something devious, sneaky and distracting.

>I don't think the Elves worship the Golden Bow cult of the Pentans.
Ah. Devin must have simply God Learnered several "bow cults" into one -- I
believe he had it existing among Elves, Yelmalions and Pentians.
Certainly, if there's an elf bow cult, it would be the more appropriate

*** Duck Minis

I'm not sure anyone's mentioned Dragon's Claw -- their duck minis were
fairly nice, and they offered a small range (um... I believe they had
hero, standard bearer, musician and one or two others). Theyr'e out of
business, but you might find 'em at a specialty shop. I'm not sure if they
still provide them directly after Chaosium yanked their license -- I can
dig out the address if anyone wants it.

*** Arthur Reyes gets my goat (Maaah, Maaah, Maaah)

> Point for James Frusetta has been most obstreperous. He has consistently
> refrained from addressing the social ecology of the Kitori, and their
> subsequent interaction with other tribes, in favor of roleplaying a Zorak
> Zorani monologue (orate skill check to you, Sir.)
Oh, come on. A jolly ZZ boot to the head for you, sir. The constant
rebuttle of "pogrom-loving Zorak Zorani" rings charmingly to the
ears of one who studies the Balkans; with a bit of work, you might
achieve the level of debate achieved by rabid right-wing Serbs and Croats.
Try spitting between syllables.

*Sigh* Perhaps you're trying to be funny, but I would point out with some
annoyance that I've suggested several reasons why Elves and Trolls could
cooperate, and have _agreed_ it could occur. It does occur -- you _have_
been reading my responses, right? Go back and read 446, 450, 452. I've
even _suggested_ ways it might occur. David Cake states (probably more
eloquently) the reasons I, too, don't agree your "social ecology."
Criticism happens, and twice as often on the Digest.

Gosh. And here I was really running around and smashing stuff with a maul
while frothing at the mouth. Silly me. Glad you explained that to me. :P

>I have been actively running a game in the Troll Wood for seven months now.
Good! I only know of a couple of troll campaigns, and I think they're
quite rewarding. I've run two -- oddly enough, I don't think I've ever had
a Zorak Zorani in them. Nor have I ever played one. Strange, how
stereotypes can be false, no?

In fact, for general Digest reference: I am _not_ a Zorak Zorani. I'd
rather be a Karrg's Son. ;) Go Herka Bonegnasher!

> I was invited to participate in the upcoming Book of Drastic Resolutions
> featuring trolls, but have since then lost all interest. Too bad.
Before you pull an Achilles, I might suggest that there may well be people
_who agree with you_ and would like to see your and Carolyn's stuff on the
Kitori. Not everyone uses everything published for Glorantha -- for a BoDR
example, I don't care for the cult of Urain in Volume Chaos and would
probably never use it as a GM. So what? Doesn't mean it's badly
written. Others may like it. Others may prefer your Kitori to the (very
limited) published sources, or to what several people have expressed on
the digest. They can't unless they see it, natch. Too bad for them, yes.
Anyway, enjoy the goat. I call him "Snowball." Maaaaah.


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