PoIM and Kralori Gods.

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Date: Wed 04 Jun 1997 - 10:57:53 EEST

Nils Wrote:

>You are perfectly right, incorrect recollectionon my part.
>But this made me think again about the PoIM. I have a
>theory why the orthodox Kralorelans look on it with disdain:
>the emperor moves on when his soul has completed its
>transformation into a dragon soul, right? I think this
>holistic thing, where the soul has to transform as well
>is the key. The Immanent Masters transform only the body,
>and so miss out on the entire concept.

 In my campaign this is very true, however Godunya is forced to
accept the cult for a number of reasons:

1) Kralorela must remain harmonious to exist, PoIM is an established
religion and must be maintained to maintain the harmony.

2) PoIM is a source of the Five Dragon Warriors, Godunya's bodyguard.

3) Godunya enjoys the 'experience' of seeing so many people getting it

 I believe that PoIM is controlled by having state ruled monasteries.
These are situated in the wild places, such as the base of the Shan Shan
mountains. They are often forgotten by the city dwellers, but the easily
controlled peasants do become monks. I picture that they are regulated by
a body of mandarins who hold the dubious task of visiting each monastery
to assess the prectices of it's monks. Large displays of martial arts and
draconic tranformations are done on these days, along with lots of kites
and fireworks. The best at tranforming themselves are noted for the lists
of potential Five Dragon Warriors, the very best are taken to the Imperial
College of Mutatable Psyche and have their PoIM doctorines beaten out of them
and are taught the true path of Godunya. Once prepared they become warriors
and field commanders in the army.

 While looking at the Genertela Box set I noticed a few more Kralorelan Deities.

 Thunder Man, popular among Kralorela's peasant. He dwells in the Upper World and
is obviously the rain and storm god.

 Pai Raow, the Kitchen god. Whose embellem may well be the Sweet pepper.

 The Emerald Fishlord, a river deity?

 I also suspect that the following may be worshipped in a manner similar to the
lesser deities of Dara Happa. (Are the cliffs of Chu, Kralorela's Gods Wall?)
 Julang Hombondol - Dams and irrigation.
 Cho the Rocketeer - Fireworks/invention?
 Luy Wi - Son of Allgiver, protector of Lokow
 Ban Yow - Lighthouses and Monster slaying?

 Cheers Simon Bray.


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