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Simon Bray:

> In my campaign this is very true, however Godunya is forced to
> accept the cult for a number of reasons:
> 1) Kralorela must remain harmonious to exist, PoIM is an established
> religion and must be maintained to maintain the harmony.
> 2) PoIM is a source of the Five Dragon Warriors, Godunya's bodyguard.

> 3) Godunya enjoys the 'experience' of seeing so many people getting it
> wrong.

I would add

4) This one of the areas where Godunya is actually
expanding the Kralorelan way, opening up things a
bit so as to be better equipped to deal with the
next FDR.

> I believe that PoIM is controlled by having state ruled monasteries.

(Cool description snipped)

Idea immediately stolen...


> >The Immanent Masters transform only the body,
> >and so miss out on the entire concept.
> The Masters would have you know that the Soul is transformed by
> the constant study of the mantras of Charismatic Wisdom. The
> foolish mandarins are ignorant of the True Knowlege contained
> therein and so are forced to rely on heathen doctrines imported
> from Bliss in Ignorance. Because of this error, they are
> inevitably reincarnated as lawyers, tax collectors and ignorants
> in their next life...

Which just shows how ignorant the IMs are of the true
Kralorelan way, since those who follow it to the letter
are _not_ reincarnated...

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