Re: God Learners on the list

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 02 Jun 1997 - 22:06:20 EEST

Sandy Petersen classifies:
> Alex, Peter, Joerg: God Learners

Given Sandy's professed admiration for the GLers, I can only take
this as a most generous compliment.

Joerg observes:
> Seems that a God Learner has to deny being one...

Makes a certain amount of sense; at least one strand of God Learnerism
seems to involve, when not busy Exploiting the pagan gods, or
Believing in them, to argue about them in pseudo-Academic style.
(I'll leave aside the question of whether academics usually either
believe in, or exploit their subject matter.) Therefore being a God
Learner probably requires that one thinks _other_ God Learners are
full of it, and will get tenure at Jrustela Yoonie over Their Dead
Body with heretical views like that, etc, etc.

> Call me a Theyalan Council person...

Actually, I was about to nominate _Carl_ as a First Council type.
Sandy is too, of course: and I think we can even safely say _which_
member he is...



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