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In GDv4#454, Peter Metcalfe said:
>>'Zzabur unleashed the Closing' is far easier to read than
>>'Zzabur is thought to have unleashed the Closing. OTOH it
>>may have been his apprentice Boris. If it was his apprentice
>>Boris, then the strange inability of Zzabur to dispell the
>>Closing should be noted.
<rest of closing note deleted>

HOW did you find out? I thought I had kept this secret even
from the Big Z himself! Um, I mean, HOW DARE you accuse me of

Seriously, as far as even real world history goes, does it make
a difference if it were cast by Zzabur or one of his apprentices?
I mean, how many scientific articles are actually written by the
professor whose name heads the list, and how many by a grad
student further down the line. I know this is picking nits, but
Peter is right, here. The same thing occurs in more warlike
history; how many of Arkat's or Argrath's deeds were done by boon

>Later, Peter also says in reply to Michael Raaterova:
       ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>M>Speaking of the Lightbringers, am i alone in believing that the LBQ (from
>M>an orlanthing POV) aimed not to get Yelm back, but to awaken/resurrect
>M>Ernalda from her sleep/death and to free Elmal from the commands of Uncle
>M>Yelm that held Elmal from leaving the Underworld?
>P>It's rather difficult to say. The Orlanthi at the Dawn believed
>P>that the Sun they rescued was Elmal. They don't know of Yelm
>P>until a few centuries later. In the end, the good aspects of
>P>the Emperor devolve onto Elmal while the bad aspects devolve
>P>onto Yelm IMO.

This goes against the part of the myth that had Elmal left defending
Orlanth's stead while O & Co. were out on the quest. But, it is
generally agreed upon that the Orlanthi did not identify the "Evil
Emperor" with Yelm until after the WCF contacted the Dara Happan
Tripolis, after kicking the horsy guys out. So, the immediate
question is, what "Light" were they "Bringing"? Did they know that
EE was a light deity, but just weren't sure which one? Were they
surprised that Elmal got suddenly brighter some time after the LBQ?
Did he get brighter, or was Elmal identified as the Lightfore planet,
and what did they think when a brighter sun rose one day? And, since
it seems that a considerable amount of "time" (and let's please not
start that debate again) passed between the LBQ and Sunrise, why did
they connect the two? In other words, How much "time" passed between
Orlanth's return (i.e. when priests were able to contact him ritually
again, which I gather they were not able to do during the LBQ) and
the Sunrise?
Inquiring minds want to know!
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