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Peter M helpfully replies
>Most Doraddi would simply that the only clever idea that Lodril ever
>had was to accept Pamalt as his chietfian.

        Laugh! I agree, and it very much agrees with my ideas of Doraddi
attitudes to Lodril. I just wondered if there was a story of the crisis
that prompted it, and Lodrils resignation.

        Thanks, Peter, for the Vangono referrence in GOG that I missed.
Gustbran, though! Hmm... considering the flaming I got for including
Gustbran as a son of Lodril in the Pelorian Prosopaedia, what are we to
make of the blatant God Learnerism of Gustbran in Jolar!

>BTW inner heat? Drop
>the Entekosiadisms, Lodril is the God of Fire.

        He is just as specifically volcanic (or mountainous anyway) in
Pamaltela, as the raiser of the Mara Mountains. The inner heat reference
was not an Entekosiadism, its was from both Vangono (not an outwardly
flaming god) breathing fire, and the 'inner fire' of the original Agimori,
Lodrils children, which keeps them immortal and can be quenched by fire.
        I think the physical abilities of the Men and a Half, BTW, are
partially magical in nature, a result of their initiation ritual, and are a
magical attempt to recreate a version of this original inner heat. Of
course, the other Doraddi think that revering Lodril and wanting to return
to his way of doing things is hilarious!

>Vangono, being the God of War, hurts anybody who gets in his way.
>I imagine his fire is no exception.

        I thought Vangono was the god of warriors, not war - Wars occur
only as a result of the Pamalt chieftains wanting a war, Vangono warriors
otherwise mostly stick with raids and skirmishes and single combat, all of
which hurt mostly the other Vangono warriors. War is a civilised evil,

quite alien to the Doraddi. Or so they say, anyway.
        But point taken. The only Vangono spell we know of, Soulfire,
produces a distinctly magical flame, not a natural one, though, so I think
Vangono is associated with a distinctly magical fire. Like Lodrils other
children, his fire is a subset of all fires.

Stephen says
>Also, I am pretty adamant that Lodril is not the actual name of the god
>among the Doraddi. Currently, I use Baba Ulodra or Baba Ulodri, derived
>from the Men-and-a-Half info in Borderlands.
[and Sandy confirms that Lodril is a God Learnerism]
        Sounds good to me. I'm calling him that from now on, I think.
        The idea that he used to be chieftain, and is now Defender, seems
alright - except its the first I've heard of a particular 'Defender' status
among the Doraddi.

[Vangono is Lodril/Bab Ulodra's son]
>This also explains other things --
>such as why Vangono is so violent (and a little bit of a bad guy), and why
>Vangono almost became chieftain instead of Pamalt.

        In modern Doraddi society, the chieftain is chosen basically by the
old women, IIRC. Would they vote for Vangono?

        Sandy also mentions the exigers - they sound much as I had
conceived them, and my planned rope (magical and otherwise) wielding clan
sound like they will fit in fine. The Exigers sound like they can be a
source of excellent villains for any Pamaltelan campaign.




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