Doraddi Names

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Date: Fri 06 Jun 1997 - 23:26:38 EEST

I don't want to be nitpicky, but
Stephen says
>Also, I am pretty adamant that Lodril is not the actual name of the god
>among the Doraddi. Currently, I use Baba Ulodra or Baba Ulodri, derived
>from the Men-and-a-Half info in Borderlands.
[and Sandy confirms that Lodril is a God Learnerism]
<and David Cake steals it>

I'm pretty sure that the form of this name is wrong - the "U" in Nguni is
usually used to denote place names such as Umhlanga or Ulundi. An "I" is

usually used whne refering to a person. Thus the form I would like to
suggest is "Baba iLodra". Although the epithet Baba is kindof familiar
for a god, but given the fairly low esteem that the Doraddi hold Lodril it
is probably alright. That said the most common for of address of Pamalt
in prayers is probably N'kosi, or N'kosi iPamalt.

Nkosi sikilele Pamaltela - anyone?

Anyone who want to actually know how to pronounce these can talk to me at

Hambe Khale,
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