Troll Martial Arts

From: Martin Laurie (
Date: Sat 07 Jun 1997 - 03:24:45 EEST

Andrew Joelson comments:
>I would think that Blue Moon Trolls (or any trolls, for that
>matter) would prefer a martial art heavy on the sweeps/throws/holds
>aspect. Judo & Ju Jitsu come to mind immediately. The heck with
>kicking somebody, get a good grip and _bite_ 'em.I

Hmmm, not to sure about this - look at the troll physique - huge shoulder=
and long, long arms - IMO they'd make the best punchers there could be. =

The problem with a bite is that its a one foe at a time attack which is
essentially the problem with all grappling martial arts. Sure you can
immobilise one guy and sit on him till you win the grappling contest but =
he has a friend there you could be in trouble. I think they would punch,=

headbutt (thick skull, heavy neck, heavy shoulders, perfect headbutt
material) at close range, use their bite when appropriate and punch the
shit out of their target at range. Their legs aren't particularily long
re-body size but they are powerful indeed so it would be likely that they=
use roundhouse kicks to the thigh as in Muay Tai in combination with
punches and elbow strikes.

The more I think about it the more I think that Muay tai (Tai Boxing) wou=
be their style - course its my own style so I'm probably a bit biased but=
can't see them using Tae Kwon Do with all them fancy kicks.

As for ducks - the ducks martial art is Run Awae Do.

BTW as someone mentioned, martial arts were a peasant defence tactic,
developed mostly in places where the ruling classes controlled weapon use=

and suppressed the peasantry through that. The bottom line is that a guy=

who is in armour and reasonably competent with a sword is going to take o=
a guy with a modified grain flail. Thats just simple weapon superiority.=

Martin Laurie


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