Peter under Basmoli

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sat 07 Jun 1997 - 20:03:00 EEST

>Apologies in advance for the heated tone but the debate for
>some unknown reason has turned nasty. I was prefectly willing to
>leave it at Sandy's post.

It entered my mailbox when the message in which I took offense at Peter's
style of argument left, or I might have cut mine shorter.

Rather than violating rules 1 to 3 more, I just want to state a couple of
points Peter disagrees with:

The Pendali were not Hsunchen at the time Hrestol lived.

They worshipped fully-fledged gods rather than measly beast spirits.

Some of them lived in cities, others had agriculture, and some had lion

Even if a source is old, detail information which has never been contradicted
by any later publication is still valid.


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