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Date: Sun 08 Jun 1997 - 17:45:56 EEST

> >I thus, hereby, form the IOGTR, International Order of Greggite
> >Toilet Readers.
> Based on the observed actions of three persons from Sweden, of which one
> was yourself. Not very international is it?
This I find very chauvinistic. Just because there are currently no
members in the Order from Peru, New Zealand or Monaco does not mean
these places are void of people who are Greggite Toilet Readers! Why
should they not be allowed to enter? "International" does not mean
that I, as the Glorious But Humble Founder, have hordes of members of
all colours, races and creeds standing ready to enter the Order. It
means that if these hordes turn up, they are welcome. This is
especially important if other countries and cultures sneer at or even
tries to suppress our noble goals! In a truly international society,
these people can find rest and respite from persecution based on
local superstitions and short-sightedness!

> >I appoint myself High Chairperson and coordinator for the
> >Order.
> I think you can safely appoint yourself high chariMAN, since very few women
> read prodigiously on the loo.
Again, you are ignorant of Our Noble means and goals. Just because
GTR-women are a distinct minority does not mean they should not be
allowed to take the highest post of the Order! I know men, friends of
mine even, who can spend hours in the men's room doing the male
equivalent of powdering their noses, so why couldn't there be women
who like to relax in the last private place left (on my current job,
the only place where I'm not explicitly ordered to bring my cellular
phone, btw), investigating the mysteries of Glorantha?
> >Our symbol: The
> >rune of Truth within a stylicized toilet seat, surrounded by the
> >letters IOGTR. Our motto: "Wisdom through Relaxation".
> Since we (yes, i'm apprehending my imminent membership) are greggites, it
> makes us tricksters: "Truth? It's all crap!"
Don't go around revealing secrets of the Order in that haphazard
manner! Make people PAY for it, in good money! (Or as Peter
Ustinov's character expressed it in "Spartacus": "Did they really
think I should betray someone _for free_?")

"The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat..."
>From "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear

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