Kralorelan afterlife & male earth deities

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Date: Mon 09 Jun 1997 - 00:35:28 EEST

> >Which just shows how ignorant the IMs are of the true
> >Kralorelan way, since those who follow it to the letter
> >are _not_ reincarnated...

> That's what the Mandarins _say_ happens. But the Masters
> know the Truth is otherwise. When Emperor Yanoor committed
> suicide to avoid capture by the New Dragons Ring, thousands
> of blameless people who had followed his instructions all
> their lives followed his example and did likewise. Yet you
> can see them today as the Hungry Ghosts. How can you say
> that this is the True Kralorelan Way?.

They are hungry ghosts because Yanoor died prematurely.
The transformation of his soul into a dragon soul wasn't
complete, so he couldn't go to Vithela to bring the
faithful dead with him to wherever. If the Kralorelan
way didn't work, as you say, wouldn't there be hungry
ghosts from the reigns of other emperors?

> Even the Mandarins knew the Truth. Instead following their
> Emperor's example, they fled like craven rats to Bliss in
> Ignorance.

Being closer to enlightenment than the common people
who committed suicide, they knew the full extent of
the horror of the emperor's premature death, so they
fled to BiI in order to regroup and device a way to
oust the usurpers and reinstate the true Kralorelan
way. Which they also eventually succeeded in doing.


>Male Earth dieties -
>Lodril, anyone?

Lodril is certainly a male fertility deity, but earth?

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the obvious yet
btw: Genert (yes I know he's dead).
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