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Hi all!
        I thought the original male Earth deity of Prax was Genert, before
he was killed. After his death, I don't know. I'm not sure there is one

Martin Laurie wrote in #477:
>BTW as someone mentioned, martial arts were a peasant defence tactic,
>developed mostly in places where the ruling classes controlled weapon use=

>and suppressed the peasantry through that.

To my, limited, knowledge, that is true of most modern martial arts. But
historically there has existed martial arts developed by warriors for use
against warriors. This was so even in Europe, but they disappeared in most
places with the high middle ages and the heavy bias towards cavalry
tactics. I've had retold to me a cronicle, written by a german cronicler
and eyewitness about a battle between the Teutonic knights and the Polish
in the 16th century, where a Polish knight, after losing his weapon, fought
the German knights and killed a lot with his hands. The teutionics sent
forth their (undefeated) melee champion, a huge man whose favourite weapon
combo was mace _and_ twohanded sword. The Pole parried the sword with his
arm, caught the mace with his other hand and then broke both the arms and
the legs of his opponent. The book was called 'The battle of Poland' (in
swedish, though) and I have no idea if there is an English translation. I
was also told that there were those who trained unarmed fighting tecniques
using the edges of your armour to strike with.


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