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Date: Mon 16 Jun 1997 - 13:22:22 EEST

Paul Chapman noted....
> Klyfix on imagination:
> ======================
> >Maybe it's my strange perspective, but isn't this all taking a
> >fictional construct way the heck too seriously?
> No. :-)
> >
> Sort-of-true-comment 2: If we ended all arguments with the above
> statement, there'd be little point to this digest. "I think Argrath was
> guided by the spirit of Arkat to face his reborn enemy" "Who cares, it's
> only a fictional construct!" "Oh, yeah...."
> Sort-of-true-comment 3: Glorantha has an existence that goes beyond what
> any one of us can define at any one moment. That is, it is a shared
> vision, a newborn myth, if you like. Cultures _do_ tend to take their
> myths seriously, and we are all members of the worldwide Gloranthaphile
> culture...
     As I recall, my post was a reaction to the rather severe tone of Mr.
Laurie's post which I perceived to be suggesting that those who wanted to
have a Glorantha with an objectively true mythos that is perhaps partially
expressed by the Jruseli Monomyth were essentially mental defectives who
ought to be playing lame AD&D modules rather than dealing with Glorantha
which is most truly expressed as a sort of sociological study reflecting and
mirroring real world mythological world views that differ drastically in
their expressions of spiritual and mythic "truths".

       A perception thing, you see. Just as whatever the over-truth of
Glorantha is expressed differently by different observers.

      I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be discussion and debate and
all that; I just have a certain amount of a problem with this One True
Glorantha and all others are for buffoons business. I fully acknowledge that
something along the lines of the Subjective Viewpoint is pretty much what
Greg has in mind and what the majority of active Glorantha fans support and
is thus "The Truth". But some of us rather _liked_ the idea of a mythos that
was so much more unified than Earth myth-systems; with heroic events that
almost everybody knows about, if from different perspectives. That's what we
like to play. I don't want to force everybody else to play that way. And I'd
love to see a future Glorantha Game suppliment with a "monomyth" from the
Dara Happen/Pelorian/Lunar perspective; a compliment or counterpoint to the
Sartar/Pavis/Prax centered view of previous suppliments.

V.S. Greene : : Boston, near Arkham....


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