Avalon Hill RuneQuest

From: David Hall (Glorantha@msn.com)
Date: Thu 19 Jun 1997 - 20:04:27 EEST

A while back, in the middle of venting my excitement about GloranthaCon V, I
mentioned the following:

>We may even discover why Avalon Hill appear to have dropped
>the RuneQuest rules system altogether - in favour of a new
>RPG rules system.

I think only one person picked up on this, but I was too busy to reply then
and lacked clarification from Avalon Hill. I'm still outrageously busy, but I
have got some clarification from AH.

The deal is that the old rules based on RQ2 & 3 are dead. My understanding is
that Avalon Hill will continue to use RuneQuest as a trademark for their
Fantasy RPG, but with a new set of rules which won't be compatible with the
old RQ2/3 rules. They regard the old rules as too dated for today's market.

So, there you have it. RQ4, as we know it, must therefore be presumed dead.
Whatever they do produce is unlikely to resemble old RQ and will anyway be for
a totally new game world.

As a result of all of this, I understand that the Malatain project (Imther as
was) has also been canned by AH. This is a great pity, and I just hope that
Chaosium can pick up the ball again on this (and play fair with it).


David Hall


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