Enter the Fifth Dragon.

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Mon 30 Jun 1997 - 02:34:53 EEST

Simon B. suggested:
> >2) PoIM is a source of the Five Dragon Warriors, Godunya's bodyguard.

That was my feeling too, and justifiedly or not, my initial impression
from G:G was that it wasn't so much a one-cult organisation, as a matter
of: You supply draconic transformations and summonings, we supply job.
I also pictured some sort of expectation that you could embody at least
five _different_ dragons, though the GoG rules don't really capture
such things.

I think I recall comments from Sandy to the effect that Poimers could
become 5DW, and from Greg that there were (also?) other methods, so
scope for some Argumentum Ab Dei Creator either way.

To which Peter M. commented:
> I don't think so. It is a bit too easy to become a 'Dragon' via
> Immanent Mastery and the resulting Dragon is no tougher than a
> Winged Dragonewt.

This is something of a self-correcting objection; it suggests to
me that the Five Dragon Warriors don't just need to sprout a tail
and some knobbly bits, they need to conform to ISO-3201-DRGN, the
official Exarch Dragonyness Standard. (Meaning, _lots_ of Poim
magic, if you choose that route.)

I wonder what the entrance exam of the 5DW is like? Perhaps it includes
a certain element of Destructive Testing.

"Honourable Candidate, please stand on the dias."

"Here, Revered Examining Exarch?"

"Exemplary. And if you would grant me the privilege, your First
Transformation, Esteemed Applicant."

<strain, groan, flutter>

<whispered aside> "Induction Committee, prepare Averniate Human 86."

> The ease of the Path is the main reason why
> the Mandarins call it False.

That, plus its disreputable origins, and its doubtless shockingly
heterodox methods, and their appalling table manners.

> I think that there are some state run schools for the PoIM, developed
> in an attempt to moderate its worship. But Pete's idea of an underground
> network of PoIM is so good that I must accept it

I think that the PoIM is very much the sort of cult that would have any
number of different "schools" or "traditions", each of which thinks the
others are degenerate heretics/statist collaborators/wimps/motley-
looking creatures with appalling scale texture/yadda-yadda, and will
regularly engage in contests of transforming skill, debates of Spurious
Mystic Logic, combat, politicking, and what-have-you. Any number of
suspect martial arts flicks provide a precedent for this sort of
nonsense. Whether or not any are actually directly _run_ by the
imperial bureaucracy or not, it makes sense that some would be
(relatively) respectable, and others Quite Beyond the Pale.



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