Muffins in Canada

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Date: Mon 14 Jul 1997 - 18:45:24 EEST

>Bill McKinley:
>> The English muffins that are sold in Australia are circular (about
>> 10-15 centimetres across). They are, at most, 2.5 centimetres thick.
>> They have a chewy crust, and taste rather like bread.

Alex Ferguson
>These sound remarkably like the sorts of muffins sold as such, if not in
>England, then certainly in Scotland. Hence, by assumption, they can't
>be American English muffins. ;-) BTW, what are "American-style" muffins
>(effectively small cakes with vast amounts of chocolate chips, etc)
>known as in the US? Do the British Isles repay the compliment of
>wanton ethnic gastronomic misrepresentation in this respect?

Bill's English muffin's would be recognized as such here in Canada
FWIW. Frankly their only proper purpose AFAIC is to act as a support
for back bacon*, poached eggs, gobs of hollandaise (not the light stuff-
but is it really Dutch or is that just what the French call it?) and a
sprinkle of paprika.

Repugnantly English Muffins are also available in whole wheat as is
pita bread. (This so-called healthy foods trend must be stopped!)

(Here I'm assuming that a muffin is the same in the U.S. as Canada
which may be dangerous-there's less confusion in food product
names between the two. (But note the * above).

A muffin (note the complete lack of proper place name adjectives)
is a charming little mushroom shaped baked good often found stuffed,
as Alex suggests, with chocolate chips, various berries or fruit and my
personal favorite-apples of the Dutch variety. The muffin is almost as
common in Canada as the doughnut. Make sure you visit a doughnut
shop if you're going to GC V. It'd be hard to miss one. Make sure you ask
if they have doughnut holes....

Oliver D. Bernuetz

* Back bacon is what American's would call Canadian bacon (the
etymological confusion continues).

"While in Pavis I was told an unforgettable dining experience was to
visit an establishment quaintly named Thunderbreath Gobblebuts. I
ventured out to the Elder part of Pavis and dined there. All I have to
say is that unforgettable does not begin to describe the experience.
It left me both nauseous and disgusted with myself. I can only hope
to forget."

>From Fresser's Gourmet Guide to Glorantha
(with apologies to MOB)


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