The Crippler Ballad

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Date: Mon 28 Jul 1997 - 20:48:07 EEST

Well... this is a song that is known to minstrels and bards around
the classic Sartar-Pavis area IMC. Yes, it's about a PC. It has the
distinct advantage that it can be sung as if mocking the Crippler, an
infamous rebel, when there are Empire sympathizers around, or as if
wryly admiring him if there are Old Kingdom sympathizers who will
throw you pennies if they like your tune.

And oh, the melody is the theme to the first of the Black Adder
series. Enjoy, or something like that.


There is a name both feared and dired,
by Lunar Cossacks, Hoplites, Peltasts.
It's on the other hand admired,
by morbid swordsmanship enthusiasts.

The Crippler, the Crippler!
He once fled from the Bat!
The Crippler, The Crippler!
Has never fled since that!

He cuts a trail of blood so red,
across Sartarite hills and valleys.
His enemies all end up dead,
but then, so does most most of his allies!

The Crippler, the Crippler!
Cuts off assorted limbs!
The Crippler, The Crippler!
In blood and gore he swims!

His blade was made by wyrmkin's craft,
his mail can heal by dwarven fire-tricks.
The Crippler is in fact quite daft,
but still, he's smarter than his side-kicks!

The Crippler, the Crippler!
Tore down half Pavis town!
The Crippler, The Crippler!
Most dangerous to his own!

The Crippler thinks he's meant by Fate,
to help restore the Sartar Kingdom.
Whose tribes, divided are by hate,
and where will that man get a king from?

The Crippler, the Crippler!
In shit up to his hat!
The Crippler, The Crippler!
But he is used to that!

"The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat..."
>From "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear

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