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Catching up on two weeks of Digests, I feel
like Sisyphos. The subjects are likely to feel
dated by now.


> >I think that you also don't get access to all
> >the benefits (magic and whatever) if you are
> >from the wrong caste.
> If this is the case, there should be some social consequences from
> worshipping another caste's (or out-of caste) deity. To worship a god
> higher than your own caste will give you some respect or at least regard
> for purity by your own caste's members.

Sounds very reasonable.

> Worship of a god of lower or
> no-caste would in return gain you the disdain of your caste.

And it is probably a lot less common than the

> BTW, what deities do the women of Teshnos worship? Are _they_ too sun/sky
> worshippers?

IMO they worship the same gods as men of their
caste. Except for the egalitarian cult of Calyz
and the cult of Furalor the priesthoods are
exclusively male though. The priests of Furalor

are all widows IMG.


Sergio Mascarenhas:

>In fact, I am not very attracted to Keets. I see them as an asty solution
>to fill a gap in the description of Glorantha. Something like "We need to
>populate those east isles. What can we do about it? Hey, look at ducks.
>Lets just put there ducks, but with the opposite social characteristics of
>the DP ones and with another name. Great!"
>I don't know if it was like that, but from the point of view of an
>outsider, that's how it looks like.

There isn't much official information about the
keets. Unofficially though:

* They are not the only inhabitants of the East
  Isles, humans are in majority.

* The keets (and the local humans) believe that
  the keets were originally an atonement gift
  from the sea gods to the sky gods after Lorian's
  invasion of the sky.

* In the ancient Golden Empire, the keets were the
  heralds and messengers.

* When Tyram's forces had invaded the empire and
  Xamalk's blows had killed the sun and the Golden
  Emperor and shattered Vithela, Thelal, the goddess
  of dawn saved the world by making her net which
  bound the islands together again. The keets helped
  cast the net out by sacrificing their powers of
  flight voluntarily. They are respected for this
  and still closer to Thella than other races.

* Even if they are respected and honoured the keets
  are still the target of sime ridicule. After all,
  a sea bird who walks and talks like a man is _silly_.

>Sandy reckons that the Keets are in fact a variety of bird-folk, not just

Yep, there are many keet tribes: duck, seagull, pelican
etc. Not to forget the flamingo. Don't ponder too deeply
on the last or the imagery will turn you insane.

Stephen Martin:
>Another possibility: in the write-up in Tales 5, the primary anti-undead
>hero of Humakt is Li Phanquan, who is stated to be a yellow-skinned
>warrior from Kralorela. I suppose this guy could even be a keet from the
>East Isles, who came through Kralorela -- he does have "qu" in his name,
>after all. But I won't hold to this theory, it does seem a bit

It's a fun idea, but no right thinking keet would
worship Death. Actually, no East Islanders at all
(except the inhabitants of one weird island) worship

Mike Cule:
>I'm suspended in the middle of such a campaign at the moment. The party have
>taken the Last Egg Of Mother Duck down to Corflu and are going to have to take
>it home to the volcano where the Keets were first born. Of course, it is
>currently occupied by the chaotic pteradactyl-Keets.....

The ancestral home of the keets is Itlanmorango,
the monster island, a very perilous place for humans.
It does have volcanoes and it is being occupied by
the pterodactyl keets. The keets who live there are
brutal savages who frequently sacrifice their own
(all roasted and nice) to placate the beast gods of
the island.


>Daniel: Nils Weinander intends to put these reports on his website. I don't
>know when he'll get around to it (and when I'll finally write the
>introduction to it) but if anyone writes to us about it we may get going

RSN, now that I'm back from vacation (unless my job
and other RW concerns get in the way.

Weee! Done for the moment, and it's only 2 AM!

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