From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Fri 22 Aug 1997 - 15:39:16 EEST

Dear Gloranthaphiles,
        I have seen occasional complaints about people not being able to
find some of the older RQ3 Avalon Hill supplements anywhere. I recently
spotted a bunch in a local game store. If there is suffcient interest,
I will acquire & auction off the following box sets:

Griffin Island
Land of the Ninja
Gods of Glorantha
Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars
Troll Pack (remmeber, I said AH version)
Troll Gods
Elder Secrets
Monster Colliseum

        All sets are still in the shrink-wrap. Email me privately if you
are interested, and please mention which ones you are interested in.

                Andrew Joelson


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