New Glorantha Song

Date: Sat 30 Aug 1997 - 04:05:12 EEST

Adieu Magaritha, the last ray of the dying sun will seal your love in my
(sung to the tune "Paint it Black" from The Rolling Stones)

I see a red moon
and I want it painted black
No colour anymore
I want it to be black

I see her priests walk by
dressed in their crimson robes
I have to draw my sword
and cut with it their throats

I see a line of soldiers
and they are all painted red
with spears and shields and helms
all walking over dead

I see men turn in fear
and quickly run away
just a new defeat
it seems to happen every day

I look inside myself
and see my soul is black
I feel a chill of death
and a call comes from the dead
Maybe they flee away
and have not to face the fact
that their Red Emperor
is a stinking, begging rat

No more will my dark soul
give mercy to these bats
I swear "my Humakt"
never surrender but attack

I will fight hard
facing the dying sun
my sword will laugh with me
when the morning comes

This is a song which came up years ago after a gaming session. Back then
it occured sometimes that someone picked up a guitar and we started
having unplugged parties.

Sergant Hummerbein


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