Herd men

From: Carl Fink (carlf@panix.com)
Date: Sun 31 Aug 1997 - 00:24:43 EEST

"Guy Hoyle" <ghoyle1@mail.airmail.net>:

> I don't have much to say about Herd Man biology, but I
> think that Herd Man biology and human biology must be nearly
> identical. If there were differences, I think it would be much
> easier for non-Praxians to say, "They just look human, but really
> they're not like us at all. Pass me another rib, old boy---er, old
> morocanth."
> The fact that Herd Men are JUST LIKE US except for their placid,
> beastlike intellect serves to underscore the horror of the situation
> for strangers to the plains.

I completely agree with all of this -- the whole thing that makes Herd
Men so apalling is that they're indistinguishable physically from us,
just like the silent people in _Planet of the Apes_.

Note that the Fix INT spell specifically makes the new plains creature
able to survive on chapparal. It's a magical effect, not an extra
stomach (in Glorantha).

However, I'm a nitpicking bio major, so Have to say:

> . . . I think that they must have at
> least some meat in their diets as well, such as rats, small toads and
> frogs, and the occasional fish.

Why? Humans don't. Plenty of people live on purely vegetarian diets
here on Earth.
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