Pelorian Blues

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 30 Sep 1997 - 21:49:00 EEST

Sandy Petersen maundered in reply to David Cake
>>the Pelorian Blues are Veldang?
>I was as surprised as you when Greg told me this

I am more surprised by the word unequivocally, really, but I'll join that
club of open-mouthed Gloranthophiles...

>>There is the obvious question of how two independent
>>populations arose on opposite sides of the world.

IMO this is answered easily: by migration. We do know that the Blues of
Peloria immigrated/invaded up the Janube valley, or more exactly: river-bed.
Somehow they managed to do the impossible and get the Poralistor river
(Listor until the mouth/departure of the Oronin, Poral further east).

>>But also I always thought the blue people of Peloria were water
>>linked, and where blue people in much the same way as some Weartagi
>>are blue - its an indication of some triolini cross-breeding.

>The Pelorian blues _are_ water-linked - they're children
>of the Blue Moon, just like the Artmali! The Blue Moon is _definitely_

Why only "just like the Artmali"? They seem to have been (or become) more
unpleasant a people than the Artmali - although the early Daxdarius stories
in Entekosiad don't mention any vile rites on their side, only ignorance of
Wendarian protocol. We know that the Artmali were a people of sailors, and
we know that knowledge of their ships survived north of Fonrit.

>>And, not disregarding Sandy's comments that they are quite
>culturally distinct, do the Pelorian blues believe >in any blue moon (or
>other celestial body) links to themselves?

>There are no Pelorian blues left. But they came from the
>Blue Moon Plateau. None are left there - trolls killed any that
>remained behind, and then took over their religion.

Then what about the people of (and below) the Sweet Sea and Lake Oronin?

>>Stephen Martin also said (besides confirming that the Lopers
>>are racially Veldang) that the Lopers came from Pamaltela via
>>Melib in Teshnos - how did they get there?
> Maybe no one knows any more. They probably came over at
>the same time as the Men-and-a-Half. There _was_ a landmass there, by
>the way - the Spike.

There also was Raging Sea sundering the Spike from Genertela. I always
thought that the Men-and-a-half crossed part of the passage on Kylerela.
That floating island appears conveniently in the Raging Sea on the map of
the Troll migrations...

But if the loper people were Veldang, and had sea ties, why should Raging
Sea have stopped them?


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